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Multicolor Mosaic Glass Hanging Lamp
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  • Decorate the interior of your lovely home with this amazing multi colored table lamp from the storehouse collection of *Multicolor Mosaic Glass Hanging Lamp*. It is made of the rich quality material that is durable and versatile in look. It will surely add a unique touch to your home decor. This lamp is featured with a yellow light to brighten up your interior. Lit or unlit, the vibrant shades bring a lively pop of color to any space. So no need to look any further than this captivating table lamp. Decorate like never before...!! Mosaic, a time-wormed beauty that has still not lost its charisma. Small pieces of colored glass asymmetrically placed make it unique and when candle bulb lit inside, you get an unparalleled masterpiece. Made from Glass, coated with Floral Mosaic pattern, small pieces of Glass Chatons arranged beautifully on pot on Resin Filler. Simply light Incandescent Bulb and enjoy the magical effect of Mosaic. This lamp features multicolored floral glass work. The product can be a beautiful addition to your living room, home, hotel, restaurant or office lamps. Decor your home, office, Hotel, Restaurant, Resort and Cafe with this stylish and beautiful shaped lamp. This Handmade unique Glass Lamp is specially made to enhance the Beauty and Grace of your Room. The beam of Light coming out from this Lamp gives Fantastic and Elegant look. It will surely add a unique touch to your home decor. This lamp is featured with a multi colour light to brighten up your interior.


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